This business can be tricky as there can be many factors that come into play. How big can my logo be on a hat? How many colors can you put on a tee shirt? What types of colors do you have (a lot!). The list goes on with each individual order and it is our job to make sure that your order is as perfect as possible. We hope that these tools are helpful as you start your process. (if not don’t be shy give us a call we will be happy to help you!)




Screen Printing: A brief photographic tutorial of how it works!

Just how does my logo get on to the shirt?

Pantone Color Chart: All The Colors you can imagine!

Screenprinting Logo Placement: Where does the logo go on a Tee Shirt? How big will it be? See it here


Embroidery: Bring your logo to life!

Maderia Color Chart: Even more Colors!

Embroidery Logo Placement: Where does a logo go on a polo shirt? How big is a hat logo going to be?